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Are you searching for Prime quality and High Grade API 5L Grade B Seamless or welded Pipe for seaward or coastal ,Blossom Steel and Engineering Co. is one of most confided in Manufacturer,Suppliers and exporters of API 5L Seamless Line Pipe since 1980, Blossom Steel and Engineering Co. has gotten best fares grant in 2008 and Government Recognized Star send out House, Blossom Steel and Engineering Co. is affirmed providers of API 5l Seamless Line Pipes and API 5L review B pipe in GASCO, KNPC and SAUDI ARAMCO, certificates can be given on demand to our clients.


Ingots, blooms, billets, coils or plates used for the manufacture of pipe shall be made via basic oxygen, electric furnace or open hearth in combination with a ladle refining process. For PSL2, the steel shall be killed and melted according to a fine grain practice. Coil or plate used for PSL2 pipe shall not contain any repair welds.

Hind Metal supplies pipeline steel plate (steel coil) in API 5L and API 5CT. Applied for manufacturing line pipes, casing and tubing.

As we know line pipe or casing and tubing have two different manufacturing types, seamless and welded. So the pipeline steel plate is used to make welded line pipe, including ERW, LSAW, SSAW welding processes. Furthermore, casing and tubing in the API 5CT standard could also be made in welded ERW type, so pipeline steel plate and coils also cover these pipes. (But in most cases, casing and tubing are required in seamless types.)

With the developed market needs for oil and gas energy, the line of the heavy and large diameter pipes are required more and more in the pipeline transmission systems. But seamless pipe could not be manufactured more than 40-inch diameters (generally OD is below 20”). So in this situation, the pipeline steel plate is coming up and has been taken as the raw material for making API 5L line pipes. Same with pipes, There are also have grades from B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X70, in PSL1 and PSL2 levels of pipeline steel plate.

Through the heat analysis of API 5L pipes, we could find out that the steel plate for making oil and gas line pipe belongs to carbon steel plate.

So what is carbon steel plate? To be simple, the carbon steel plate is the steel that didn’t contain any alloy steel elements. And the pipeline steel plate is as one of the low carbon steel plates. Which the content value does not exceed 0.26%. (When referring pipeline steel plate for sour services the carbon is less than general pipeline steel)

oiler/Vessel (carbon) plates as below:

a. ASTM A537 CL1/ CL2/ CL3
b. ASTM A 516 GR60/ GR70
c. ASTM A 515 GR60/ 70
d. ASTM A 204 GR.A/B/C
e. ASTM A572 GR50, ASTM A572 GR60
f. ASTM A573 GR58, ASTM A573 GR65/Gr70
g. ASTM A737 GR58/ GR65/ GR70
h. ASTM A738 GR.A/ B/ C/ D/ E

Construction carbon SteelSheets Plates & Coils: