Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coating

Thinly coated with epoxy-resin powder materials, applied by specialised electrostatic spraying, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating is used as a standard in industries where protection of steel substrate is required when it is exposed to extreme conditions like wide temp range upto 85°C in dry stipulations and harsh chemicals to protect against corrosion. Having good handling characteristics, FBE coated pipes are flexible and resistant to soil pressure. At Hind Metal, we assist to protect external surface of carbon steel pipes with single and dual layer fusion bonded epoxy coating as required. This external coating not only provides corrosion and chemical resistance but UV resistance too. Also, it has very low moisture permeability.

The two coating layers in dual layer coated pipe are as follows:


Depending on the application, the dual-layer FBE can also come with an Abrasion-Resistant Overcoat (ARO), to reduce damage to pipes.

Features We Protect

  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • High resistance to cathodic disbondment
  • Increase the life span of steel pipes
  • High bond strength that firmly bonds to the mild steel pipe surface.

Bond Strength We Provide

FBE coating and lining performed at Hind Metal is bonded firmly to the mild steel pipe surface and the mean adhesion strength is 125 kg/cm² (ASTM D 4541)

Working Life We Promise

At Hind Metal, we promise consistent performance characteristics of our FBE coated pipes throughout the service life span

Customized Solutions at Hind Metal

  • We apply 3LPE external coating on pipes from diameters 25 mm to 3000 mm with lengths of up to 12m.
  • We also coat Bends (Elbows), Tees, reducers, couplers can with FBE coating

Manufacturing Capabilities We Embrace

  • Diameter range: 25 mm to 3000 mm
  • Pipe length: 6 m to 12 m
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 200°C
  • External Coating thickness: Maximum up to 4.2 mm

Standards & Specification We Follow

  • CSA Z245.20
  • AWWA C 213
  • AS3862:2002
  • GAZ de France R 09
  • GBE/CW 6
  • NACE RP 0394
  • NF A 49 706
  • ISO 10080
  • ISO 9001