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Copper Nickel Round Bars

Hind Metals are among the Manufacturers, Exporters and Supplier of Cu-Ni Bars, Rods & Wires that are using high quality raw materials in mumbai, India. We also manufactured these products as per national & international quality standards. These Cu-Ni Bars, Rods & Wire are available in Hard, Half-Hard as well as in Soft conditions and are perfect for use in electrical applications.

Heat condensers and exchangers, Desalination units, Tubes for ships and power plants, Seawater pipework, Offshore firewater systems, and so on. Cupro Nickel Flat Bars is a copper-based alloy industrialized as an economical substitute for Cu Ni Round Bars. Meanwhile, these Copper Nickel Threaded Bars (UNS C70600) are an alloy of nickel, copper and firming components such as manganese and iron. Meanwhile, Cu-Ni Hollow Bars are also being offered in different sizes and shapes to our customers. Cupro Nickel Hexagonal Bars are alloys of copper (base metal with the largest individual content) and nickel with or without other elements, whereby the zinc content may not be more than one percent. For many decades, Copper Nickel Triangular Bars have extensively been used as piping material for seawater systems in shipbuilding, offshore, and desalination industries. Cu-Ni Bars for marine use were developed for naval applications in the early part of the century to improve the corrosion resistance of condenser tubes and seawater piping.

The main wrought Copper-Nickel alloys chosen for sea water service contain 10% or 30% Nickel. They also have important additions of Iron and Manganese which are necessary to maintain good corrosion resistance.

It has High strength, Moderate machinability, Excellent corrosion resistance, High impact resistance, and more. Some common applications for Copper Nickel include valves, pump components, fittings, flanges, and various other marine hardware components. These are accessible to our valuable customers in a different range of diameters, wall thicknesses, and sizes at quite affordable rates.
These Copper Nickel Sheets & Plates in available different grades, specification & thickness as per the client’s requirements. These are widely used in various application industry such as Cement Industry, Power Industry, Sugar Mills, Chemical Plants, Pharmaceuticals, etc.