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We at Hind Metal are noticeable provider, stockist, producer and manufacturer of Duplex Steel 2205 Pipes and Tubes. Duplex Pipes are made using Zeron 100 stainless steel and have dominating resistance against consumption. They are transcendent to the extent of quality and illustrated by the settlement of the customer. We ensure our clients that our Duplex Steel 2205 Pipes and Tubes will give long organization life to the customer. Prevalent nature of rough material is used to manufacture our entire thing go.

Hind Metal is one of the large manufacturers for high-quality Duplex & Super Duplex Pipes and Tubes. The products in different grades such as Duplex S32205 Pipes, Duplex 31803 Pipes, Super Duplex S32750 Pipes and Super Duplex S32760 Pipes. Duplex Steel Seamless Pipes is a stainless steel designed for application which demands exceptional corrosion resistance and strength. Super Duplex Steel Welded Pipes is a mixture of the microstructure of austenite and ferrite (50 / 50) which has improved strength over ferritic and austenitic steel grades. The main difference is that the Duplex Steel EFW Pipes has a higher molybdenum and chromium content which gives the material greater corrosion resistance than a standard duplex grade. The Duplex Steel Round Pipes has a lower alloying price when compared with similar austenitic and ferritic grades with equipment corrosion resistance in the chloride-containing environment due to the material increased yield and tensile strength. Meanwhile, the Duplex Steel Rectangular Pipes has 4% molybdenum, 25% chromium and 7 % nickel.

Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel Tubes possess great mechanical properties. The high molybdenum, chromium and nitrogen content in the Duplex Steel Seamless Tubes results in excellent resistance to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion attack. A light gauge of the Duplex Steel Round Tubes can be used to achieve the same design strength of a thicker nickel alloy. The duplex structure provides our Welded Super Duplex Steel Tubes with exceptional resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking. Usage of the Duplex Steel EFW Tubes should be limited to applications below 600 Degree F(316 Degree C). The Duplex Steel Rectangular Tubes is highly resistant to uniform corrosion by organic Plateids such as acetic and formic acid. Super Duplex Steel Electropolish Tubes is also highly resistant to inorganic acids, especially if they contain chloride.

Pipe Types

NB Sizes (in stock)
Seamless Pipe (Custom Sizes)
Welded Pipe (in Stock + Custom Sizes)

Out Diameter

1/8” ~ 8”
5.0mm ~ 203.2mm
5.0mm ~ 1219.2mm

Wall Thickness

SCH 5 / SCH 10 / SCH 40 / SCH 80 / SCH 160
As per requirement
1.0 ~ 15.0 mm


Upto 6 Meters
Upto 6 Meters
Upto 6 Meters