Titanium Alloy Fasteners



Titanium Alloy Fasteners

Hind Metal is manufacturer of Titanium Fasteners. Designing with these Titanium Hex Head Bolts taking all factors into account has resulted in reliable, economic and more durable systems and components, which in many situations have substantially exceeded performance and service life expectations.

Hind Metal is a regarded organization that is practically occupied with giving an across the board assortment of Titanium Alloys Fasteners. We offer the same at temperate costs to our customers. Titanium Grade 2 Fasteners has a high partiality for gasses including oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Retention of oxygen results in the arrangement of a greatly hard, fragile oxygen-stablized alpha stage layer known as alpha case after warming in air.

Intermediate and final annealing of of Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners is frequently performed in a vacuum or dormant gas environment to keep away from alpha case development and the related material misfortune. As a supplier, stockiest, exporter and maker, we give these Titanium Grade 7 Fasteners in custom-constructed thicknesses and sizes as per accurate necessities of our very much respected supporters.
The titanium & titanium alloy fasteners include titanium bolts, screws & studs manufactured to ASTM F468 / F468M and titanium nuts manufactured to ASTM F467 / F467M. Both of the standards cover 8 grades of titanium & titanium alloys: titanium Grade 1 (R50250), Grade 2 (R50400), Grade 4 (R50700), Grade 5 (R56400), Grade 7 (R52400), Grade 19 (R58640, Ti-38-6-44), Grade 23 (R56401, Ti-6Al-4V ELI), Grade 32 (R55111, Ti-5-1-1-1). The fasteners can be cold formed, hot formed, or machined from suitable material.

Chemical Composition for Ti & Ti Alloy Bolts and Nuts
  • Grade 1(R50250), w.t %: C≤0.10, Fe≤0.20, Ti: balance, H≤0.0125, N≤0.05, O≤0.18, Residuals: each≤0.10, total≤0.40.
  • Grade 2(R50400), w.t %: C≤0.10, Fe≤0.30, Ti: balance, H≤0.0125, N≤0.05, O≤0.25, Residuals: each≤0.10, total≤0.40.
  • Grade 4(R50700), w.t %: C≤0.10, Fe≤0.50, Ti: balance, H≤0.0125, N≤0.07, O≤0.40, Residuals: each≤0.10, total≤0.40.
  • Grade 5(R56400), w.t %: Al:5.5~6.75, C≤0.10, Fe≤0.40, Ti: balance, H≤0.0125, N≤0.05, O≤0.20, V:3.5~4.5, Residuals: each≤0.10, total≤0.40.
  • Grade 7(R52400), w.t %: C≤0.10, Fe≤0.30, Ti: balance, H≤0.0125, N≤0.05, O≤0.25, Pd:0.12~0.25, Residuals: each≤0.10, total≤0.40.
  • Grade 19(R58640), w.t %: Al:3.0~4.0, C≤0.05, Fe≤0.30, Ti: balance, H≤0.0200, N≤0.03, O≤0.12, Pd≤0.10, V:7.5~8.5, Cr:5.5~6.5, Mo:3.5~4.5, Zr:3.5~4.5, Ru:≤0.10, Residuals: each≤0.15, total≤0.40.
  • Grade 23(R56401), w.t %: Al:5.5~6.5, C≤0.08, Fe≤0.25, Ti: balance, H≤0.0125, N≤0.05, O≤0.13, V:3.5~4.5, Residuals: each≤0.10, total≤0.40.
  • Grade 32(R55111) w.t %: Al:4.5~5.5, C≤0.08, Fe≤0.25, Ti: balance, H≤0.0125, N≤0.03, O≤0.11, V:0.6~1.4, Mo:0.6~1.2, Zr:0.6~1.4, Sn:0.6~1.4, Si:0.06~1.4, Residuals: each≤0.15, total≤0.40.